Just like a world class racer needs to keep his eyes fixed on the track, you need to focus on your insurance business. Yet too often, the day-to-day details of accounting and regulatory demands can be distracting.

Brighton can free you from these mundane issues so you can concentrate on your goals. With offices in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, and Singapore, we provide essential technical services such as compliance, reporting, accounting, monitoring and reviewing regulatory changes as well as physical presence.

With more than 10 years’ experience and a complement of highly qualified staff, we have the know-how to deliver cost-effective administration services. That's why we say you cover the risks and leave us to ensure the details meet the standards.


You need talent and expertise to clear hurdles in an ever-challenging and changing business world. At Brighton, we have developed a three-pronged platform for the way we work with our clients:

  • Partnership is paramount, which is why we work at building and maintaining close ties and a strong relationships with our clients.
  • Integrity means we are consistent, honest, principled and accurate in everything we do for our clients as well as in our relationships with our staff. Our principle of integrity has led to implicit trust from our clients.
  • Reliability is the third prong, a vital asset when compliance with local regulations cannot be compromised.

With these three pillars, we continue to live up to our mission of "striving for excellence through dedication and commitment."


The Brighton Team comprises insurance and reinsurance individuals who bring to their jobs a wealth of global experience as well as local knowledge. Ever ready to ensure you are given superior service, the key Brighton Team members are:

Annie Undikai

Managing Director

Anthony Egerton

Director (Singapore)

Han Yee Yuen

General Manager

Nazri Wong Abdullah

Head of Commercial Operations

Andy Hieu

Head of Operations

Chi Gi Teo

Head of Internal Audit

Ustaz Mohd Fadhli bin Mohd Faudzi

Internal Shariah Adviser



Although the digital age today has eliminated borders, you may still prefer to concentrate in a particular geographical area. While our offices are in South East Asia, we are able to provide our services to many clients beyond these countries. This partnership allows you to delve deep into your business interests, even as we stay ever watchful for regulatory changes.